Chatter is increasing about what issues liberal candidates should be focusing on as the Midterms approach.  The DCCC, for example, is rumored to be recommending that candidates not mention Trump or focus on his wildly incompetent presidency.  In our district, it has been accepted wisdom that liberal candidates not mention gun laws because so many of our neighbors are not only gun owners, but gun owners who don’t want any laws on guns whatsoever.

But the State Supreme Court election this week in Wisconsin seems to light all of this conventional wisdom on fire.  A liberal candidate won the election in Trump country by 12 points, and she was openly concerned about school safety, pro-gun control and anti-NRA.  Here is an excellent article about her gun stance and victory:

It’s no secret that Rep John Faso has an A-rating from the NRA, who gave nearly $37,000 to benefit him in 2016 alone.  He won’t support common sense laws like universal background checks, and he supported the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act which essentially undermines and nullifies state laws regarding registration and carry of firearms.  Here is a link to a recent Letter To The Editor denouncing Faso for his gun stance:

Second Amendment extremists are passionate but their numbers are as small as their voices are loud.  Faso would like us to believe that half of our district are camo-wearing militia types, but is NY-19 really that much more pro-gun than Wisconsin?  The notion strains credulity.  Polling consistently indicates that upwards of 90% of Americans support universal background checks.

So common-sense gun laws are something that our candidates should be vocal about, especially in contrast to NRA-owned Rep John Faso.  It’s crucial that we draw every meaningful distinction possible if we are to replace Faso with someone who puts our citizens ahead of the plutocrats.  We can’t let old myths and misplaced fears deter us from promoting ideas and policies that a majority of Americans care about.  It’s working in other states and counties, and it will work here.

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