Big news broke last night.  The Mueller team informed Trump in March that he is not yet a “target” of their investigation, but is a “subject”.  A target is a person who is in jeopardy of indictment, implying that prosecutors have enough evidence of wrongdoing to potentially bring charges.  A subject is being investigated but there is not yet enough evidence to bring charges.

The Washington Post broke the story.  Here it is:

Most Americans assumed that Trump was one of many subjects of Mueller’s investigation.  But this speculation has now been confirmed, and it might be the case that Trump will never become a “target” because it is unclear whether a sitting President can be indicted in the first place.  Some legal scholars suggest that a sitting President must be impeached and removed from office before they can be charged with a crime.

From this reporting we learned that Mueller intends to write a report on his investigation of Trump, and this report may itself be an indictment of sorts.  He may report, for example, that he believes and can prove that Trump obstructed justice.  And this report may then serve as a pretext for a Congressional discussion on impeachment if the Republicans have any shred of patriotism left.

Trump is reportedly relieved and excited that he is not a target, and may feel more free to be interviewed by the Mueller team.  All of which demonstrates how inept and clueless the president is.  The bottom line is, the sitting President of the United States is under investigation, and the probe has thus far generated indictments, guilty pleas, and a jail term.  And Mueller could decide tomorrow to make Trump a target – prosecutors do this all the time.

The details of this investigation seem to be coming more swiftly by the day.  Paul Manafort is increasingly in legal jeopardy.  Roger Stone is now in the crosshairs of the probe.  Much is still hidden and top secret.  We can’t let Trump or any of his surrogates (John Faso) spin this WaPo report as something good.  The Trump team is a disgrace, and more details of the probe will be revealed.  Rosenstein and Mueller must be allowed to finish.  Stay tuned and keep resisting.  Things can change fast…


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