The link below is a must-read article about election projections for our district this November.  It was written by Republican analyst Noah Rudnick and it makes the case that NY-19 will remain a safe Republican district.

“Representative John Faso may be a freshman, but he is certainly not new to the New York political scene…His huge name recognition, connections in the state, and electoral infrastructure are definite boons in this race.”

There are many challenges ahead as we seek to fire Faso.  How can we attract the voters who supported Obama but also voted for Trump?  How can we motivate our base to turn out while motivating Republicans to stay home?  How will the gubernatorial run of Marc Molinaro affect turnout in Dutchess County?  How can we overcome the likely presence of one or  more left-leaning Independent candidate on the ballot?

Please share this report with anyone fighting to get out the vote in our district.  The more we understand the voting history and demographics of NY-19, and the more we see clearly the challenges ahead, the better we can fight this November.

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