Rep John Faso is on recess from Congress this week, but he won’t hold a town hall meeting with the people who pay is salary.  He’s a coward and a partisan hack in the thrall of his billionaire funders.  But he did appear on a radio show yesterday, and the results were encouraging for the Resistance.

The radio show was Vox Pop on WAMC, which is a call-in talk show.  The host, Alan Chartock, started the broadcast by noting that there were many, many callers waiting to ask Faso a question.  Other than a question about the health effects of wireless radiation, the callers were uniformly angry and critical about Faso’s votes and policies.

Faso began by dodging a question about the chaos and peril that the Trump White House posed, and gave his usual wishy-washy non-answer to the hypothetical question of whether he would vote to impeach Trump if Mueller were fired.  He implied that it was “highly questionable” that firing Mueller itself would be an impeachable offense.  (And yet, given the firing of Comey and McCabe, how could the firing of Mueller be anything but a clear and obvious obstruction of justice, which is a crime?)

Faso wouldn’t commit to supporting common-sense gun regulations, either, saying that our problems stem from mental health issues, not from too many guns.  He would not support legislation that checked the mental stability of a gun buyer, calling such a plan “overreach” and saying that other methods would better reveal that information.  He refused to support universal background checks, using the bogus example that under such checks a grandfather wouldn’t be able to pass the family’s heirloom shotgun down to his grandson.  (This example is ludicrous and shows that Republican justifications for blocking real reform have been reduced to vapors and distorted memes.)

Faso also claimed that the recent Maryland shooter had been brought down by a school resource officer wielding a gun, but this NRA-manufactured myth was false.  The shooter killed himself when the SRO appeared, and a later caller corrected Faso on this mistake.  Even though spokesperson Dana Loesch attacks the Parkland students and spews vile and divisive rhetoric constantly, Faso said that he will continue taking money from the NRA, which he characterized as a “grass-roots” organization despite the fact that they are a lobbying arm of the gun industry.  He said that our district has “thousands” of hunters and sportsmen that may not be NRA members but have the same beliefs, though this anecdote may or may not be true.  (Regardless, it is highly probable that the number of people who support common-sense gun control in NY-19 is far larger than those who don’t. )

Faso did admit to knowing Robert Mercer, but brushed aside the recent allegations against Cambridge Analytica, saying that they have yet to be proven, then claiming that the Obama campaign had used similar tactics–even though the Obama campaign has never been accused of obtaining its target data by illegal or inappropriate means, unlike Cambridge.  He stated that he would continue to take Mercer money despite all of the troubling allegations against Cambridge, which he made light of.

He also claimed that he HAS held a town-hall, in Esopus, even though it was a staged event with only 100 people that bore little resemblance to a forum that could be called open and accessible.

The broadcast can be heard here:

Later yesterday, protesters showed up to the Orange Club in Albany where Faso was holding a stealth fundraiser.  Cleanup Carl was among the many who gathered to let Faso know that he is doing a horrible job.  We have to keep hammering Faso on his policies, and when we get the chance, confront him with facts and studies on issues like gun violence, and not let him off the hook that his “town hall” was anything but window dressing.

Enjoy this pic from the Albany protest:


2 thoughts on “Day 432 – Faso Surfaces

  1. Excellent report. You saved me the repulsive task of listening to Faso oil his way around legit questions. It’s great he says he’ll keep taking NRA blood money, and Mercer bribes. That alone should send him back to K Street where he belongs.


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