This week is full of important local events and actions.  Here is a partial list:

Today, Monday, March 26th

This is Call-In-Day to push for Early Voting in NYS, sponsored by Let NY Vote.  Call Governor Cuomo (and other NYS pols) and let him know you expect NYS to adopt early voting…just like most other progressive states.  NYS has been behind the curve for way too long.

Tuesday, March 27th

A protest will be held outside the Fort Orange Club (practically a GOP clubhouse) in Albany from 5-6:30pm where Rep Faso and Rep Stefanik are holding a secretive fundraiser.  This is where the plutocrats buy our Reps and give them their marching orders.  Join the resistance and let Faso know he is a failed leader.

Wednesday, March 28th

Roadmap for Revolutionaries, an evening with Jamila Wilson at Vassar College.  This talk will explore questions about the role of visionary strategy, various tactics, intersectional movement building, community care, and righteous solidarity in the service of long-term transformation.  More details:

Friday, March 30th 

Let’s Talk About Guns: a Teach-In at Bard.  Bard College will host a series of talks which approach the topic of guns and gun violence in varying ways.  From noon to 5pm. More info:

And of course,

FASO FRIDAY at noon in Kingston, Kinderhook and Delhi

The Resistance is active and energized in our district, especially in the wake of the historic March For Our Lives event.  If you have been on the sidelines, please get involved and join an event or action near you.  The recent special election in PA in which 228,000 people voted was won by a Democrat by just over 700 votes.  We can’t leave anything to chance this November.  The more people who are engaged and active, the more voters we can register and the more votes we can get out on election day.  That’s how we repeal and replace John Faso.

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