The Positive

Yesterday’s March For Our Lives was a historic success.  Millions of Americans took to the streets to support the students of Parkland, Florida and their call for gun control.  The young Americans who spoke at the main protest in Washington, D.C. were moving and eloquent, a force that the NRA will have a very difficult if not impossible time reckoning with.

Here is a wonderful article about the March and speakers:

The Negative

The latest firings by Donald Trump of high-level cabinet members seem to be a consolidation of power.  He seems to be firing people who have tried to constrain his impulses, replacing them with toadies who won’t challenge him.  One of these toadies is John Bolton, who has long advocated “preemptive war” against Iran and North Korea.  “Preemptive war” used to be called “starting a war” but warmongers unconcerned with the lives of faceless millions came up with a term that tries to paint starting an aggressive war against another nation as somehow justified.  Many conservatives are highly concerned about Bolton’s new presence at Trump’s side and fear the worst.  But in the short term, God only knows what Trump will do today to distract from tonight’s Stormy Daniels interview.

Here’s a chilling article on Trump by Andrew Sullivan:

The March For Our Lives was an inspiring and potentially transformative moment in our nation’s political history.  But it may ultimately be overshadowed if our impetuous and incompetent president gets us or our allies (South Korea) into a potentially apocalyptic conflict.  Where are the Republicans?  Where is John Faso in all of this?  Silence.  They would rather trash their last remaining fragments of credibility and dignity to protect their sinking brand than to protect our nation from a con-man most of them despised and ridiculed and dismissed before he won the nomination.

The months between now and the mid-terms in November will be the most politically perilous and important of our lives. Keep up the resistance, be ready to mobilize, and continue working to repeal and replace John Faso. 


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