The Chaos President fired National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster last night and replaced him with John Bolton, and extreme right-wing hawk who has spoken often about preemptive military strikes against North Korea and Iran.  This is horrible news, and has already been decried by many foreign policy experts on both sides of the political divide.  Bolton is a hot-head and a partisan ideologue who couldn’t even pass Senate confirmation to be UN Ambassador years ago under Dubya.

But as huge and troubling as this news was, two other potentially significant developments occurred last night.

  • Trump’s top lawyer resigned.
  • Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein scheduled a “major cyber law enforcement announcement” for this morning at 10am.

Some Intel observers are speculating that these two things could be related.  They wonder if Trump’s lawyer resigned because he has finally grasped that the light he sees at the end of the Mueller tunnel is an oncoming train.

Rosenstein’s last announcement was the indictment of 13 Russians, and he did that press conference solo.  Today’s “major cyber law enforcement announcement” will include attendees from Treasury, FBI, DOJ and NY-Southern District, which implies an extremely significant subject, and will probably include indictments.

It’s possible that it could include more top officials in the Trump campaign, or in the White House.  Or more Russians.  Or it might have nothing to do with Trump.  But regardless of the targets, the noose around the Trump team is tightening by the day.  Stormy Daniels will be on 60 Minutes this Sunday, and her lawyer is implying that they have hard evidence that she was threatened.  He even posted a picture of a DVD on social media yesterday to drive the point home.

But more important, Intel insiders are buzzing on social media that the Mueller team is ramping up its efforts and will start making moves more quickly, including disclosures (perhaps via Rod Rosenstein!) that begin to reveal their findings.  The insiders say they “know” what Mueller has, and it is devastating to Trump and his circle.  These are only rumors, but let’s suppose for a moment that they are true.  What can we expect?

Given recent moves, it seems that Trump is not gearing for a legal fight in the courts.  He is instead gearing for a public relations fight on Fox “News”.  That’s why all of his new hires are Fox “News” pundits, including his newest lawyer.  Trump’s surrogates will begin to smear the investigation. Then Trump will try to fire Rosenstein and work to get Mueller fired, and Trump will work to convince his hard-core base that the FBI investigation was illegitimate and part of a giant conspiracy against him.

If Trump goes down this path, we have to rise up and protest. It is imperative that we push back in force.  The rule of law hangs in the balance.  We can’t let propaganda outlets like Fox be the only thing that Trump, his deplorables and the GOP hear.  They will need to hear from us, by the millions.  There are already plans in place for serious protests.  For example:

It is horrible and lamentable that we have arrived at a political moment where plans like this are even on anybody’s radar screen.  But with each passing day, Trump does things and hires people that were once inconceivable.  We should all hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.  And judging by the level of denial and obstruction that Trump has exhibited, underscored by the turmoil and chaos in the White House, he is acting like a desperate man who is guilty of something very bad.  A narcissist like Trump won’t go away quietly.  He will do anything to save his skin.  He has no boundaries and no sense of shame.

We certainly can’t count on Rep John Faso to do anything to constrain Trump.  Faso is too beholden to the people who are part of the problem, like the Mercers and the NRA.  Will the rumors from the Intel insiders prove true?  We are entering a phase that will likely provide the answers.  If Trump tries to destroy the FBI and the DOJ, be ready to drive to DC and take to the streets.  Meanwhile, let’s see what Rosenstein has to say this morning.

Keep resisting…

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