With new developments breaking daily about Cambridge Analytica and its role in the US election, as well as elections in other countries, it’s important to remember that Cambridge was funded by billionaire hedge fund manager Robert Mercer, a big donor to Rep John Faso.  And it’s important to keep in mind that Robert Mercer has an IRS judgement against him for 7 billion dollars that he was and is trying not to pay.  Here is an excellent article from May of 2017 on this story:


It’s difficult not to wonder if the data help he provided Trump and the Republicans during the election was given in hopes of having his IRS judgment reduced or disappeared.  We are living in an era where billionaire plutocrats are trying to buy our government and further enrich themselves, one way or another.  The more we learn about Cambridge Analytica’s methods and behind-the-scenes marketing claims, the more sinister and loathsome they become.

Increasingly sinister and loathsome can also describe Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.  We learned recently that Kushner may have been seeking loans or investments from Qatar, and when they didn’t materialize he had that nation punished in the form of a blockade led by the Saudis with backing from the Trump administration, and then tried to undermine efforts by Rex Tillerson to end the blockade.  We have a huge military base in Qatar and the move by Kushner may have put them at risk.


He may have also given the Saudi Crown Prince dirt on his fellow Saudi royals that led to a vicious crackdown that realigned the power structure of Saudi Arabia.  Thus, for Kushner to have access to any sensitive information is ridiculous, and supplants the role of Secretary of State.


To quote retired four-star Army General Barry McCaffrey, “Putting Jared Kushner, a thirty-something person with no foreign policy or defense policy experience, as a leading representative of the United States is simply outrageous.”

The Trump administration has taken pay-to-play and nepotism to levels not seen in generations.  The more we learn, the more disgusting and corrupt it all looks.  Congress is supposed to be the watchdog, but Rep John Faso has been mostly silent, unwilling to speak out on most of the Trump scandals, following the lead of his greedy billionaire backers rather than leading by his own conscience.  For this reason alone, he does not deserve to be our representative, and we must replace him this November with a candidate who cares about our district.

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