It’s easy to stay focused on Washington.  Trump’s need for attention and media coverage is bottomless, and though he’s incompetent at the most basic of tasks, he is adept at getting headlines and expert at creating chaos.  But most of our priorities and concerns find expression not in the White House but in Congress, where our Rep John Faso is failing us.

When the Indivisible movement started, we were energized and passionate.  Many activists were working on similar projects and actions, and there was a lot of overlap.  Over the past year, we have become significantly more experienced and organized, but many of us have also become fatigued.  Often, it’s an emotional fatigue born of the constant daily assault of lies, scandals, and reprehensible policies flowing from the office of the president.  But it’s crucial find ways to stay rested and energized.  We have a lot of work ahead.

One action that’s particularly important to continue is telephoning John Faso.  His office clearly doesn’t like it, they clearly don’t want us to call, so why let them off the hook?  And since he won’t hold a real town hall, it’s the best way for us to keep the pressure on him and his staff.  There are many crucial issues that will be coming before Congress and he needs to know where we want him to stand.  Here are a few:

  • Net neutrality.  There are bi-partisan bills that keep the Trump administration from destroying net neutrality as planned.  Faso needs to support them.
  • Gun control.  Faso will never support the big changes we want, but he will support the smaller changes, like banning bump stocks.  Let him know we want more.
  • Trump’s silence on Russia.  Faso has yet to explain why he won’t rebuke the president for doing absolutely nothing to stop Russian meddling nor chastise Putin.  Why is Faso okay with this??
  • Protecting the Mueller investigation.  If Faso wanted to act like a leader, he would denounce any attempt by the White House to interfere with Mueller investigation, but he hasn’t.
  • Taking Mercer Money.  He needs to know that their plutocrat money is tainted, and we punish any politician who sells their campaign to anyone associated with dirty firms like Cambridge Analytica, especially when those backers are from outside our district.
  • A Clean Dream Act.  For the sake of many in our district, Faso needs to support a resolution for Dreamers, as well as comprehensive immigration reform.
  • Healthcare funding.  Faso and the GOP want to replace the ACA with substandard plans and block grants.  These are unacceptable.  If that’s the best they can do, they are not fit to govern.

Faso needs to keep hearing from us, especially because he doesn’t seem to hear much from his own supporters.  Our calls demoralize him and his staff, but more importantly they will keep him from claiming that we are no longer dissatisfied with the job he is doing.  Calling Faso is also an action that ultimately feels good.  It’s an action we can take from home, it takes very little time, and it can help reduce the feeling of powerlessness.  Done regularly, it can even become a ritualized recommitment to the resistance.

Don’t let Don-the-con demoralize you.  Keep resisting.  Keep bothering Faso.  We will ultimately prevail.


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