One of the most interesting articles of the week came from the Chronicle of Higher Education profiling Christian Picciolini, a former neo-Nazi who has turned his life around and co-founded an advocacy organization called “Life After Hate.”  You can hopefully read the article here:

When discussing how to defeat hatred and people advocating hate, Picciolini points out the two things that haters love:

Silence and Violence.

If we’re silent, the haters feel free and empowered to do their thing and recruit more vulnerable people to their cause.

If we’re violent, we confirm the poisonous rhetoric that everyone not in their group is a dangerous threat and thus deserving of attack and counter violence.

So by protesting loudly but peacefully, we drain the haters of their power.

This is a wonderful reminder for advocates, and aligns with the successful non-violent approach of so many transformational leaders, including Gandhi, MLK & Mandela.  Something to keep in mind if and when we need to take to the streets to protest.

Enjoy your Sunday…

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