This was, yet again, an insane week in the disintegrating office of the President.  Here are two items from the Trump disaster that are particularly noteworthy.

1)  Donald Trump fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson last Tuesday, and it is becoming increasingly clear that Tillerson was fired for issuing a strong statement condemning Russia for using a chemical weapon to assassinate a Russian exile in Britain.  Tillerson released the statement on Monday, going against the official White House position of “we’re not really sure,” and was fired via Twitter the next morning.  Shortly afterwards, undersecretary of state Steve Goldstein was fired for telling the press details about the timing of Tillerson’s firing, again contradicting the lies the White House was trying to spin about the firing of Tillerson.  The White House was trying to pretend that the Tillerson firing was in the works for a while, and that Tillerson had been told in advance.  But Tillerson and his people deny that they had any warning.  The Trump team don’t want people to know that Tillerson was fired for going against Russia.  His firing was the latest action by Trump that illuminates a burning national question – why won’t Trump condemn Russia?  What do they have on him?  It’s not a trivial or paranoid curiosity.  It is the logical conclusion based on a growing mountain of evidence.

2)  Donald Trump last night ordered Jeff Sessions to fire deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe two days before McCabe was set to retire and get his pension.  McCabe issued a scathing statement last night accusing the Trump Administration of constant interference in the Russia probe, and describing his firing as retaliation for his role in the Russia probe, particularly in telling people the details of what he witnessed when director James Comey was fired.  This firing demonstrates that, at the very least, Donald Trump is mean-spirited, vindictive asshole.  The timing of this firing was done for spite to a career public servant by an impetuous, unethical, sleazy, greedy, lying con-man who has soiled the office of the chief executive.  It’s just the latest in a long string of indignities and new lows by Trump, the most inept, corrupt and scandal-ridden President in our lifetime.  This firing also adds to the aforementioned burning national question.  What does Russia have on Trump?

Here is the McCabe statement:

These latest firings are having a profound effect on the political environment in DC, even among conservatives.  Barry McCaffrey, a retired four-star general and West Point grad, tweeted this last night after McCabe’s firing:

“Reluctantly I have concluded that President Trump is a serious threat to US national security.  He is refusing to protect vital US interests from active Russian attacks.  It is apparent that he is for some unknown reason under the sway of Mr Putin.”

Many in the intelligence community are saying that Trump is becoming increasingly frantic as the Mueller investigation closes in on his business interests.  This latest purge is a consolidation of power as well as a distraction, and Trump will continue to do this until he is out of office.  In order to fire Mueller, he will have to fire Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein first, but this will almost surely happen.  Trump will go down swinging, and we must be ready to take to the streets when this happens.  Meanwhile, we have to take care of our own back yard and fire Trump’s enabler in NY-19, John Faso, who seems unconcerned that his party’s vile standard-bearer is a Manchurian candidate.  When Congress fails, the citizens are the final check on the President.

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