Today is an important day for the Resistance.  A special election is taking place in Pennsylvania for an open House seat, in a district Trump won by 20 points, between Conor Lamb (D) and Rick Saccone (R).  As of last night, Lamb had opened up a slight lead after Trump visited and gave a rambling, insulting, unhinged stump speech in support of Saccone that appears to have driven a few more voters into the arms of Lamb.  It’s another example of the maxim that everything Trump touches dies.

It’s also no secret that Trump has surrounded himself with inept, third-rate administrators, and another is now under a cloud of controversy.  Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education, embarrassed herself on 60 Minutes Sunday night when she couldn’t answer basic questions about the school system in her home state, a system she tried to improve for years by forming charter schools.  In any other administration, she would be a laughingstock.

Paul Krugman wrote a scathing editorial yesterday about another ridiculous Trump appointee, trade adviser Peter Navarro, who doesn’t grasp even the basics of the Value Added Tax in Europe.

The constant stream of disgrace and indignity flowing from this administration doesn’t affect the core of Trump’s supporters, but it seems to be increasingly disturbing to everyone else.  If Conor Lamb wins today, it will be a seismic shock to the Republican party.  But even if Saccone ekes out a win, the Republicans know they are in trouble and Trump is a huge part of their problem.

It’s our job to harness the anxiety and distress that most people feel about Trump and make sure they know that John Faso is part of the Trump problem.  Faso has refused to lead, choosing instead to follow Trump on many of issues that hurt average people, like health care.  The GOP has allowed Faso to vote against their legislation when they have enough votes to win anyway, but these votes are a sham, and usually contradict Faso’s public statements.  Keep your eye on Pennsylvania, and let’s work hard to keep our own momentum going here in NY-19 so we can finally Fire Faso.

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