Donald Trump held a campaign rally this weekend in PA for Republican congressional candidate Rick Saccone, but of course the rally was really for Donald Trump and his endlessly insecure ego.  During the rally, Trump said a long list of vile things, including calling Congresswoman Maxine Waters a “very low-IQ individual”.

Trump is a disgusting, graceless, corrupt, lying, cheating sleaze-bag.  Everybody outside his bubble of deplorable supporters knows it.  He has diminished the presidency and disgraced our nation, and we must continue to call him out for it.  But we can’t fall too far down the rabbit-hole of ad hominem attacks, because that’s what he wants us to do.  He wants us to confirm that we are rabid, Trump hating extremists, so he can go back to his base and stir them up, saying “I told you, that’s who our opponents are. They hate me and they hate you.”

Rather, we need to focus on the policies of his administration.  We need to continue to illuminate how they are failing our citizens, and how WE can do a better job of providing economic stability and safety.  We need to keep asking questions:

  • How many people received a meaningful increase in their take-home pay after the tax legislation kicked in?  Most people didn’t.
  • How many people are paying more for their health insurance this year?  Most.
  • How many people are going back to work as steelworkers? None.
  • How many people are starting new jobs in the coal industry? None.
  • How many citizens have lost their jobs as slaughter house workers, landscapers, maids, or vegetable and fruit pickers to immigrants? Very few.
  • How many people have student debt? Many.

We also need to contrast failed Republican policy with our policies and values:

  • The Republican tax scam blew a hole in our deficit, gave billions to the most wealthy citizens and corporations, and widened economic inequality, taking from middle class workers while giving to the rich.  WE will fairly tax the wealthy, reduce the deficit and reduce inequality, and WE have consistently been the party of fiscal discipline.
  • The Republican budget destroys the ACA and puts nothing comparable in its place.  WE want all Americans to have access to affordable care, and believe nobody should be denied because of pre-existing conditions.
  • Trump and this administration began the process to kill Net Neutrality.  WE support Net Neutrality and a level playing field for all who go online.
  • Trump is letting the EPA and the State Department rot.  WE support a robust EPA and a State Department fully staffed with experienced personnel to keep our nation safe.
  • Trump’s judicial appointments don’t reflect our society.  WE support a judiciary where every citizen is represented.
  • Trump won’t combat Russian interference and hacking.  WE will marshal the full resources of the intelligence community to combat any cyber threat, especially an attack on our system of voting by a hostile foreign power.
  • Trump nor the Republicans care about a living wage.  WE want anyone who works a full-time job to be able support their family with dignity.

The contrasts are clear and compelling.  They are the differences we need to highlight, not just that Trump is a repulsive degenerate.  Rep John Faso is clearly in the pocket of the plutocrats, and, like Trump, doesn’t really care about working class people.  We have to make sure the voters of our district know what he really votes and stands for.  The GOP strategy is to lie.  Ours must be to expose the truth.

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