A few quick thoughts on the past week:

1 – The young adults who survived the Parkland massacre and have gone on to lead a gun control movement are truly extraordinary and heroic.  They are smarter than their opponents (the NRA) and are getting the best of them at every turn.  The pressure they are exerting has already forced minor legislative changes (in Florida!) but we must make sure that these changes are the START of bigger changes, and not just a fig leaf that leads to stasis.

2 – If Trump actually meets with North Korean Dictator Kim, it will be a new low for American diplomacy.  No other President has given North Korea what it so badly wants: legitimacy on the world stage.  But Trump may not be able to resist a meeting that will make headlines and give him significant press coverage (that will crowd out Russia-Treason coverage).  One thing we can be certain of beforehand–if any deal is struck between the two “leaders”, incompetent Trump will be on the losing end.

3 – Trump can no longer plausibly deny that he had an affair with a porn star.  The evidence is overwhelming, and continues to accumulate.  Likewise, the evidence that the Trump Campaign was working with the Russians continues to accumulate, and the noose is growing ever tighter around the inner core of the Trump team.  Expect their anxiety levels to continue to rise, and expect Trump to continue to lash out at his critics and say outrageous things to distract us.

We have a long fight ahead of us but winning is the only option.  The stakes are just too damned high.  The Trump administration has already done tremendous damage to our institutions and agencies, not the mention our social fabric, so we must be smart, patient and measured as we work to fire Rep John Faso and eventually run Trump and his corrupt band of pirates out of Washington.  Have a restful weekend and save your strength for further resistance…

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