We’ve come a long way since the election of Donald Trump and John Faso.  It seems like years, even though it’s only been fourteen months.  The chaos of the Trump White House is galling, the toxicity of his speeches is appalling, and the ineptitude of his presidency is frightening.  Above all, for a reasonable and observant person the Trump presidency is exhausting.  But we can’t let ourselves tire and lose focus at this critical stage.  We’ve learned learned a lot in the past year, and we’ve become more organized and effective than ever before.  The midterms will be here soon so we must remain engaged and productive until election day.

There are several events happening in our area today that are important to our efforts, so please attend one if you can and help us maintain the energy of our resistance.

Today at noon in Hyde Park there will be an action outside Republican State Senator Sue Serino’s office to protest the billionaire hedge fund donors that fund her campaign and push her to vote against the interests of her constituents:


Today at noon in Kingston, Kinderhook & Delhi, FASO FRIDAY gatherings will happen to protest Faso’s legislative record and keep the pressure on him to work for average people, not the billionaires that have donated to his campaign.



These two local legislators are critical to the national Republican plan to maintain power post-2018 so we need to make sure they are repealed and replaced.  By showing up, we let the community know that we are dissatisfied and motivated, and our passion can give onlookers and passers-by the incentive to get involved and join us.  If you are near one of these locations and can break free for lunch, please join us and help forge a better future for our district.

If you can’t make a protest, please continue to call our elected Reps, especially Rep Faso, and let his staff know how you feel about gun control, net neutrality, health care, the dreamers, and any other topic that affects your life and our district.

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