It’s been a brutal week as two very different but destructive Nor’Easters hit our region.  A state of Emergency was declared and travel restrictions were imposed in several counties last night.  Before you go out, make sure the restrictions have been lifted and the roads are clear and passable.  Many trees and tree limbs came down on power lines, so if you must drive early this morning, use extra caution.

Yesterday was also an eventful day in the news.  The most interesting development was probably the disclosure in the Washington Post that Blackwater CEO Erik Prince met with Russians in the Seychelles (a money laundering hub) to set up a secret back-channel to the Kremlin.  In prior testimony, Prince claimed that the meeting was a chance encounter, but it now appears that the meeting was premeditated and arranged–so Prince may not have told the truth under oath.  Prince is the brother of Betsy DeVos, and is already under scrutiny for his role in the data operation of the Trump Campaign and its ties to Cambridge Analytica, a firm partly owned by the Mercers.  The Post article:

The other notable development was the news that White House staffers who were interviewed by the Mueller investigation were approached by Trump to discuss their testimony.  It’s possible that such an action could rise to the level of witness tampering, which is a crime, but regardless, it is a disturbing and unethical thing for Trump to have done, and fits his already established pattern of trying to meddle with the investigation.  It’s easy to imagine his lawyers losing sleep tonight.

Finally, Rep Faso held his “live” call-in event last night, which was poorly timed, as many people were either still at work or had larger storm-related issues to battle.  It was no surprise that his performance did not deviate from his prior public skirmishes.  The local participants had a hard time pinning him down, as he seemed to take both sides of certain issues and rarely answered a question directly.  One thing he made clear was that the GOP Tax Scam would be wonderful for NY-19 even though he voted against it.

All the more reason to fire Faso and replace him with a Rep who has the spine to stand up to Trump, the courage of his convictions, and the integrity to hold actual town halls where no questions are off-limits and everyone has access.

Be safe out there…

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