Rep John Faso is holding another “interactive live meeting” this evening, still afraid to meet his constituents face-to-face.  The more people we can get involved and asking questions, the better.  It goes from 4:30 to 5:30pm.  Here is his link to register:

Some potential questions to consider:

  • According to his own intelligence chiefs, Trump has done nothing to fight back against the ongoing Russian election meddling.  Aren’t you outraged, and why haven’t you been more vocal about this attack on our democracy?
  • Now that the tax legislation is being applied to our paychecks, it turns out the only people getting meaningful cuts are the wealthy.  Will the $1.5 trillion deficit hole this tax cut cost us be used as a pretext to damage Social Security and Medicaire?
  • It’s a scientific fact that states with higher gun ownership have higher gun death rates. It’s common sense–more guns, more gun deaths.  So why did you co-sponsor a concealed carry act that will lead to more guns and gun deaths in our state, not less?
  • It may be legal for billionaires to spend millions on political campaigns across the country, but wouldn’t you agree that it is profoundly unAmerican and unDemocratic?  Wouldn’t you agree that money isn’t speech?
  • When Republicans aren’t in power, they often scream about states’ rights.  But as soon as they get into power, they want the Federal Government to impose rules on the states, for example with marijuana enforcement, concealed carry reciprocity and how health care funds are used.  Isn’t this brazenly hypocritical?
  • ACA premiums have gone up substantially because of the actions taken by your party.  And now your party is pushing new cheap plans that give shoddy coverage, but won’t they make ACA premiums go much higher?
  • Does it trouble you that Trump decided to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum on a whim, without informing his staff, and basically pulled the tariff amounts out of thin air with no financial or scientific basis?  Doesn’t he seem dangerously unfit for office?

We need to ask simple, direct questions that have a moral dimension.  The more Faso exposes his radical views, the more ammunition we will have this November.  If you have the time, please participate in tonight’s Faso event.



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