What important questions will be answered this week?

  • Will Jared Kushner keep his job?
  • Will the Senate pass legislation de-regulating Wall Street?
  • Will the Senate to anything about Dreamers?
  • Will the financial markets continue their negative reaction to Trump’s tariffs?
  • Will more indictments come from the Mueller investigation?

This is clearly a tumultuous time, but we have to try to separate the noise of Trump’s chaotic personality from the actual damage his administration is doing to our laws and institutions.  There are two distinct things happening at once.

  • Trump’s statements and actions
  • The actions of Trump’s administration

Trump is skilled at getting attention and distracting, whether through provocative and outlandish tweeting, or in public speeches full of insults and lies, or in spontaneous impulses like imposing tariffs and taking away guns.

But while Trump is out clowning and bullying and golfing, a group of rabidly mean-spirited right-wing nationalists are making policy behind the scenes, both in the White House and in Trump’s cabinet.  It’s also clear that the policies Trump has enshrined in signing statements don’t come from his mind, but from the dark hearts of those same political hacks around him.  They don’t care about Trump or his campaign speeches or the people who voted for him.  They care about the plutocrats who put Trump in office, and who will give all of them jobs when the Trump Train reaches its final destination.

We can’t ignore the things Trump does and says, but we have to keep the actions of his administration in our sights.  Here’s what the plutocrats care about:

  • The destruction of the EPA and the loss of environmental protection.
  • The destruction of the State Department and loss of their geo-political knowledge.
  • The hollowing out and slow death of the ACA.
  • The lack of enforcement of consumer protections.
  • The abandonment of our principles when it comes to immigrants.

When it comes to responding to all of these (and many other) issues, we have to learn to be good multi-taskers.  If we can keep many different battles and struggles at the forefront at the same time, we will likely win the war against Trumpism.

One thing we can do today is to join activists in front of John Faso’s office in Kingston to urge him to help pass a Clean Dream Act.  Several groups are co-sponsoring a protest at noon, at 721 Broadway, and if you can’t be there in person, call his office and let him know how you feel about Dreamers and anything else.

His number in DC is: 202-225-5614

It’s important to make regular calls to your elected Reps.  Let them know when you are unhappy with their positions, when you are happy with their votes, or when something is happening in the world with political implications that is important to you.  Keep the pressure on, let them know that we know the Trump era is not normal.  And of course, make sure to vote.  That’s how we will put our district and nation on a better path.

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