2018 will be perhaps the most critical year in American politics since 1974, when Congressional Republicans finally turned on President Richard Nixon and forced him out of office.  Nixon was a paranoid sleaze-bag who violated the Constitution while in office, and covered up a criminal conspiracy of which he was almost certainly a part.  But he was an intelligent, informed career politician who understood the law and foreign policy.

Trump, on the other hand, is an heir to a real estate fortune whose only talent is to con people into thinking that his family money was somehow the product of his own genius. He built or co-built a few buildings in Manhattan, which is more a matter of money than skill, but overall has ruined almost every business he’s ever touched.  His golf courses lose money, and his Atlantic City casino lost money and went under while almost every other gambling business in the history of the world has minted profits.

To hear him talk about it, you’d think his businesses employ thousands of people.  But his “real estate” business only has a staff of about a dozen, and many of the Trump properties around the world merely license his name and are run by others.  He isn’t as much a businessman as a guy whose hobby is to manage some real estate he bought or built with inherited wealth and borrowed money.  On the other hand, his main job for decades has been as a bragging playboy and Lothario who enjoys a profligate lifestyle thanks to his inheritance, all in service of his out-sized vanity and bottomless insecurity.

Trump is the embodiment of the Dunning-Kruger effect, where people of low ability suffer from delusions of superiority.  “I’m a genius.” “I have the best words.” “I know more about the military than the generals.” “I’m the most humble person you’ll ever meet, folks.” “I’m the least racist person you’ll ever meet.” And on and on and on.  This often happens when a wealthy person like Trump is surrounded by sycophants and hangers-on who always flatter and tell him whatever lies he wants to hear.

The most dangerous person in a position of power is an ignorant, incompetent person who thinks he or she is a capable genius.  And that’s Trump.  Whether he’s deciding on the spur of the moment to put a tariff on steel and aluminum imports, or smear a political opponent, or insult a foreign leader, Trump is a wild card at best, a wrecking ball at worst. Congress is supposed to be a bulwark against Presidential abuses, but the current Republican-held congress understands that the Trump Presidency is their last chance to enact unpopular legislation that will benefit the billionaire pimps they have prostituted themselves to in exchange for campaign cash.  So they will tolerate just about anything from Trump as long as their extreme, plutocrat agenda gets signed into law.

So who can stop Trump?  We can.

We need to be organized and focused, first for this November’s mid-term election.  Only by electing someone who will stand up to Trump will his power diminish.  We need to make sure that our efforts are coordinated and effective, which requires that we meet and share information and stories.  We can’t sit in isolated silos and hope to alter the political landscape.  We have to get out and participate.

If you want to make a difference but you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, this evening is a great opportunity to get involved.  Indivisible The Fight Is On is holding our first Social of 2018, where local activists meet and share tips and coordinate their plans for the coming months.  We have a great group of attendees thus far, but we need all hands on deck.  Firing John Faso will take a lot of effort and engagement, and we will need all the help we can get. Please consider joining us today at 4pm in Millbrook.  Click here for details and RSVP info:


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