Donald Trump hosted a group of governors at the White House yesterday and gave another rambling, chaotic speech that veered from one self-congratulatory thought to the next, peppered with the same taunts and insults we’ve grown accustomed to hearing.

It was hard not to notice that Trump’s eyes have become so red and swollen they seem to be turning into slits, perhaps from too little sleep.  Judging by the steady stream of indictments and disclosures from the Mueller investigation, Trump may be worrying himself sick.  It won’t help his anxiety that a CNN poll just showed Trump’s approval rating hitting an all-time low of 35%, plus he received his lowest approval yet from Republicans.  And in a USA Today poll, investigator Bob Mueller received a higher favorable rating than Trump.

Which brings me to an extraordinary essay in the Washington Post by Max Boot, who compares and contrasts Trump to Mueller: “Trump vs. Mueller is a battle for America’s soul”

It was yesterday’s best article…

I’ve been saying for months that by embracing Trump, the GOP has destroyed every principle, virtue and value they’ve ever rubbed in the faces of their opponents, and we should never allow them to take the moral high ground again.  That includes John Faso, who has often agreed with Trump, and consistently failed to speak out against the worst extremes of Trump and Trumpism.  Faso needs to be repealed and replaced.

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