The students of Parkland Florida have not gone away.  They’ve organized marches (the big one will be on March 24th) and they’ve drawn hundreds of thousands of young people from around the nation into the fight for common sense gun control.

This weekend the Parkland students raised the stakes with a brilliant strategy that will hurt the plutocrats (who own our politicians) where it counts–in their bank accounts.  The students are calling for young adults across the country to boycott Florida for Spring Break unless the gun laws change!  Many young adults appear eager to comply.

Gun manufacturers make a lot of money, and they have much to lose if gun restrictions are passed into law.  But tourism in Florida is a massive enterprise, and encompasses many giant and lucrative multi-national industries including airlines, car rentals, hotels, retail, entertainment and food service.  The prospect of Delta and Disney and Dollar losing a small fortune this spring dwarfs whatever might happen to the gun makers in the future and puts massive pressure on Republicans to do something to make the students happy.

Of course, we can’t count on our feckless rep John Faso to support any laws that will hurt his A+ rating with the NRA, but we can draw a sharp contrast between him and his eventual challenger.  When liberals say “common sense gun control”, conservatives hear “we want to eliminate all guns from America”, so we have to be clear on what we mean by common sense regulations and not allow the gun hysterics to peddle their all-or-nothing smokescreen.

Columnist Charles Blow of the New York Times urged us to think larger than banning bump stocks.  “The current push for stricter gun control is aiming too low,” he writes.  “We must treat gun violence in this country as a public health crisis, because it is.”

His piece is worth a read.  Happy Monday.



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