A new firestorm erupts almost every day under the Chaos Presidency.  Whether it’s something repulsive that Trump has done or said, or something vile that comes to light about his past behavior, or another indictment of somebody in his circle, there are many distractions happening at once.  It’s a circus that often follows people who are profoundly insecure, shockingly vain, endlessly needy, and tragically incompetent.  But we can’t lose sight of the fact that many policies are being implemented quietly, behind the scenes, that could have major negative impacts on our lives.

Healthcare is a prime example.  Though the GOP was not able to repeal the ACA outright, they have been doing everything in their power to destroy it slowly from the inside out. Starving it of funding and removing its mandates, the Republicans have put the ACA on a shaky and possibly fatal course.  In tandem, Trump has been doing his own part to ruin  the ACA and its protections, as this frightening piece from Vox details:


By bringing back cheap, sub-standard plans and allowing them to proliferate, Trump increases the likelihood that those who rely on the ACA will pay more and more for coverage.  Young, healthy people who feel invincible will buy cheap plans and everyone else will pay more for their comprehensive coverage–the exact opposite of how insurance is supposed to work.  And the cheap plans won’t cover pre-existing conditions, which will eventually push more and more people back toward the old insurance outcomes that bankrupt families while loved ones die for lack of care.

Republicans will continue to say that the broken ACA showered free health care on lazy poor people while middle class workers footed the bill, but if this was ever the case, it was only because the GOP wouldn’t let the ACA operate properly and blocked fixes to help middle class workers.

Judging by their actions, Republicans want everyone in America who isn’t rich to forgo an education, work for peanuts, have no healthcare, have no retirement savings, have no safety net, but own a bunch of guns.  Year by year, the Republican brand has finally boiled itself down to a distillate of pure cruelty in service of greed.

Reps like John Faso are part of the problem.  Like Trump, Faso works on behalf of greed.  He takes his orders from the plutocracy, whether the Mercers or the Kochs or the NRA.  He tries to dress up his positions to look like (a twisted sham of) libertarianism or principled, well considered something.  But it’s all BS, and Faso is a seasoned and effective BS’er.  He’s a former lobbyist, after all.

We can’t let Faso or his party off the hook for taking from the masses and giving to the rich.  And we can’t let the GOP hollow out the ACA in secret.  When asked what will replace the ACA once they’ve killed it, Faso only offers more BS.  Let’s make sure our district knows that these insurance woes belong to the GOP.  Then let’s repeal and replace Faso.

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