More good news for the resistance.  A special election in Kentucky was just held to replace a Republican State House Rep who committed suicide in the wake of sexual assault allegations.  The race pitted his widow against a Democratic challenger in a district that went for Trump by 50 (yes, fifty) points.  Linda Belcher, the Democratic challenger, just won by more than a 2-1 margin.

It is notable that she won at all in solid red Kentucky, but to win by such a wide margin has Republicans increasingly worried about their chances this November in the Midterms.  Trump’s unfavorable ratings are consistently abysmal, and it seems ever more clear with each special election that he is dragging his party into the toilet.

At the same time, in the wake of the Parkland school massacre, polling shows that support for gun control including an assault weapons ban is at an all time high.  This is more bad news for Trump and the GOP, who are by far the main beneficiaries of the NRA.  In yesterday’s White House briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders suggested that Trump might go ahead and try to ban, perhaps by executive order, add-ons (like “bump-stocks”) that convert semi-automatic weapons into automatic weapons.  But his too-little too-late reaction won’t reduce the exploding passion that gun control advocates are bringing to several national protests in March.

Rep John Faso’s full and unapologetic embrace of the NRA, coupled with his tacit approval of almost everything Trump does, should be a clear liability this November if our district is anything like the districts elsewhere in the country.  The wind seems to be at our back, but this is no reason to let up or feel complacent.  There’s too much at stake, as Thomas Friedman summarized in a recent New York Times column–“Trump is either hiding something so threatening to himself, or he’s criminally incompetent to be commander in chief.”  The best way to begin to protect ourselves from Trump’s historically chaotic and dangerous presidency is to repeal and replace Congressman John Faso.

Our goal is to sign up new voters, then get out the vote.

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