Not just one, but TWO White House advisers quit yesterday amid allegations of spousal abuse.  Staff Secretary Rob Porter left after pictures surfaced of a brutalized ex-wife.  Then speechwriter David Sorensen quit after accusations of abuse by his ex-wife.

It’s notable that Porter’s abuse was known by the White House a while ago but was apparently tolerated until it went viral, and White House Chief of Staff Kelly reportedly said he was willing to resign for his mishandling of the entire situation.  Thus far, Kelly is still employed.

The departure of these two abusers adds to an already sordid history.  Former Trump staffer Steve Bannon was dogged for years by allegations of spousal abuse.  Former RNC chair Steve Wynn just resigned from his casino empire amid allegations of decades of sexual misconduct.  And Trump, of course, lives under a cloud of allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct by more than a dozen women.  At this point, it’s an inescapable conclusion that misogyny is baked into the Trump ethos, and permeates many of the people that surround and support him.

As a footnote to this theme, a self-proclaimed Kentucky county Trump campaign chair and ex judge Timothy Nolan just pled guilty to 21 felony counts including human trafficking and sex acts with minors.  The Clinton-Pizzagate pedophile conspiracy was total nonsense and thoroughly debunked, but the GOP has a pedophile scandal that is sadly real.

Trumpism looks less like a reaction to economic distress than a last raging gasp of supremacists–male and white–who are now merely and miserably equal.

We will continue to foster the ever-growing ideal of equality, and the sooner we usher these Trump retrogrades into the dustbin of history the better.  We can start by working to repeal and replace John Faso, whose support of Trump, whether overt or tacit, is indefensible.

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