Let’s be honest. The GOP can only hold onto power by cheating.  Their policy positions are that unpopular.  They gerrymander congressional districts to warp election outcomes, they purge voter rolls to lower turnout, they create large and effective barriers to voting (ID laws, fewer polling places, shorter voting hours, no early voting, etc.) and they sometimes spread false information about when and where to vote.  It’s been as remarkably effective as it’s been un-Democratic.

Their latest attack on voting is happening in Pennsylvania.  The courts held that the gerrymander of PA’s congressional districts was not permissible, and PA was ordered to redraw its districts before the 2018 midterms.  The Supreme Court agreed.  But Republicans in PA are now refusing to comply with the order, and are attacking the Democratic judges who were part of the initial ruling.


Republicans used to crow about following the rules, and used to shame Democrats who didn’t follow procedure, especially in matters of government. Now the GOP has morphed into the lawless party.  If they don’t like the rules, they either ignore them, or smear the rule enforcers, or attack the rule makers. No wonder Trump and his allies are nominating so many unqualified, partisan hacks to the judiciary.  They don’t care about the history of jurisprudence or stare decisis, they only care about getting their way, no matter the cost.

This issue should be a winner for the Democrats in the 2018 midterm.  “Hey John Faso, why did your POTUS nominate so many unqualified people to the bench?  Why does your party always have to cheat to win?  Why are you doing nothing about the hacking of our elections by the Russians? Why do you hate democracy?”  Democracy should be about increasing the involvement of citizens in the political process, and increasing the number of voters.  Republicans want the opposite because it’s the only way their plutocrat-friendly policies can be converted into legislation. We all deserve better, and we deserve far better than Rep Faso.

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