Yesterday was a full of disturbing news.

The stock market tanked, with the Dow losing 1,175 points, the largest single day point drop in Dow history (though not the largest percentage drop). This followed a 500+ point drop the previous Friday.  During the plunge, when the Dow was briefly down over 1,600 points, Trump was giving a rally in Ohio touting his amazing economy and stock market. He never mentioned, or perhaps was completely unaware, that the market was melting down.

One thing he did say, however, was that the Democratic reps in Congress who didn’t clap at the good news he gave at his State of the Union address were “un-American”, calling their actions “treason”.  GOP propaganda outlets like Fox “news” downplayed the comment as humor, but any sane observer would have found the comment about as funny as cancer.

On another level, it’s notable that Trump almost perfectly embodies all the insults he hurls at others.  It’s a psychological syndrome known as projection.  He called Hilary “crooked” but he’s running the most corrupt administration in modern times (and may be a money-laundering criminal himself).  He calls those who attack him “little” but his whole life has been a raging attempt to escape the feeling of being little (my hands are NOT little, folks!).  He calls others treasonous, but his children and advisers conspiring with Russia to help swing the election meets the spirit of the word treason, if not the legal definition.  He calls any information that paints him in a negative light “fake” but he’s a life-long con-man and pathological liar (and he has fake hair).  The examples are practically endless.

Another strange bit of news today was the announcement that actress Diane Neal (best known for her roles on SVU and NCIS) who lives in Hurley is planning to run for congress in NY-19 as an independent.

The Daily Freeman article suggests that she is running because of her “…cross-bow neighbor who brings me sweet venison. He’s not even going to listen to these guys,” meaning the six Dem congressional challengers.

I imagine Diane is a good and well-meaning person, and I’m sure she would be a better Rep than John Faso.  Few wouldn’t.  It’s lamentable that more women didn’t run as a Democrat, but the six men still in the fight are all solid citizens and the suggestion that Joe Crossbow wouldn’t listen to any of them but would listen to a Hollywood Actress is, with all due respect, absurd.

Will we ever change the mind of Joe Crossbow?  Do we even need to?  Not if we turned out every Democrat in our district on election day.  And by the way, John Faso isn’t the Joe Crossbow type at all.  He’s a lobbyist and political hack from Long Island.

The left has been too brutalized for too many decades by independent candidates for me to have any sympathy for them.  I simply won’t waste my time on them.  Al Gore would have been President instead of Dubya, but for Ralph Nader.  And Jill Stein won more votes in Wisconsin and Michigan than Trump’s margin of victory there.  In most cases, and I think NY-19 is no exception, independent candidates only divide and often destroy the chances of candidates on the same side of the political spectrum.  The stakes are too high for that now.  We have a POTUS who increasingly speaks like a tyrant, and a Republican party that increasingly aids him in subverting the judicial system and undermining law enforcement.

We need to make a clear and concrete case that we stand with workers, not the billionaires.  We stand with average people who want to worry less about staying employed, less about the affordability of healthcare, and less about their ability to retire with dignity. We want to keep large, faceless corporations from screwing them over for the sake of a buck.  From what I’ve seen, that’s what the six Democratic challengers have been saying all along.

One thought on “Day 382 – Strange Days

  1. This is a perfect explanation of the dangers we face with a third party candidate. Perhaps her sole reason for running is to pull votes from democrats. We absolutely cannot let our vote for a democratic be swayed from our selection of one of our the 6 candidates running for the position to run against Faso as a Democrat.


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