The 2018 Democratic congressional challengers debated yesterday in Woodstock.  The race has been getting plenty of attention in op-eds and articles throughout the district, and two of the candidates have out-raised Rep Faso in the last financial quarter. They’ll need every penny to battle all the Plutocrat cash that will surely flow into Faso’s coffers from outside the district.

Meanwhile, Faso spoke to the Ulster Chamber of Commerce last week and by all accounts was still trying to have the hot-button issue of taxes both ways.  He voted against the GOP tax scam bill, yet enthusiastically supported the growth he was confident the bill would bring about.  If the GOP had needed his vote for the tax scam, he would have been a Yes.  But they had more than enough votes, so they let him vote No to save face in NY-19.  Keep in mind that he was one of the originators and supporters of the effort to cancel the deductibility of state and local taxes on federal tax returns, which he later feigned concern about when NY-19 (and NYS) erupted in protest as the tax scam neared passage.

Like so many in the GOP right now, Faso seems happy to stand by while Trump destroys the institutions of government as long as the radical retrogressive GOP agenda gets enacted into legislation.  It’s shameful and irresponsible, and his lack of leadership should certainly be a central issue in the 2018 midterms, not to mention the fact that he’s a lapdog of the plutocracy.

As winter moves along and we head toward spring, the Democratic congressional primary will continue to get media attention, which is a good thing.  The primary is only five months away and there are more debates, appearances and forums scheduled.  As the incumbent Faso has a natural advantage because he can get press whenever he wants it, so the more we can keep the primary in the spotlight, the better.  As Trump drags the GOP toward a constitutional crisis in trying to undermine the Mueller investigation, our central purpose is all the more critical.  Register new voters, get behind the primary winner, and get out the vote.  For the sake of our democracy we need to repeal and replace John Faso.

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