It looks like the Nunes Memo will be released to the public, possibly today, despite grave objections from the FBi and DOJ.  Many argue that the memo will give Trump more ammunition to undermine the Russia Investigation and possibly fire Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein, leading to the firing or declawing of Special Investigator Mueller.

Here’s a great piece on how that might go down, and the possible consequences.

Donald Trump is vile, vengeful, ignorant, arrogant and incompetent.  He’s also corrupt and he has assembled a historically unqualified cabinet almost as corrupt as he is.  He might also be a criminal.  If he is, the thousands of career professionals at the FBI and DOJ are not going crawl quietly into the darkness if Mueller gets fired.

They will fight back and, at the very least, any of his misdeeds that the investigation has been keeping under wraps will eventually be leaked to the public.  Anyone on Team Trump who has done anything wrong will go down in flames.  The anxiety and hysteria flowing from the White House, and now the GOP leadership, is in direct proportion to their sense of impending doom.  Nobody gets this freaked out about an investigation unless they are hiding something big.

Our job is to express public outrage.  When the memo gets released, we must raise a stink to support the legitimacy of the justice system, and CALL Speaker Paul Ryan and let him know that he should have fired Nunes.  When Rosenstein gets fired we need to PROTEST and let the GOP know there will be consequences in the Midterms.  And if Mueller gets fired we need to MARCH to support the FBI and the rule of law, and remind Trump’s supporters that they are tiny, unAmerican minority conned into electing a criminal clown.

As we get ready to mobilize, don’t be disheartened.  Instead, take this to the bank.  Go against the FBI and you will surely lose, even if you are an authoritarian president.


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