Perhaps by design, there is never a dull moment in the Trump Presidency. He thrives on chaos and distraction.  But yesterday’s news cycle should have been full of discussion over Trump’s SOTU speech–did he finally sound like a normal human being or was he still the deranged, impulsive jerk we’ve come to expect?

Instead the news centered around two possibly momentous items:

1) The final draft of the hyper-partisan Nunes Memo that will likely be released to the public soon was NOT the same draft that the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee saw a few days ago. What changed?  Apparently, the memo was sent to the White House by Nunes for review (an egregious breach of protocol in itself) and came back revised.  Which suggests the White House may have altered the memo, which is highly improper and could be a further obstruction of justice. It is certainly damning for Rep Nunes.

2) A former legal spokesman for Trump will allegedly testify to Mueller that White House Senior Advisor Hope Hicks may have tried to obstruct justice during a previously undisclosed phone call with Trump.

With each passing day the list grows of witnesses and evidence that bolster the case for obstruction of justice against Trump.  His staff are so inept and inexperienced that they have no idea how to cover their lies, much less stop incriminating themselves.  It would be comical if it weren’t so outrageous and damaging to our democracy.

As investigators close in on the White House it’s no surprise that Trump and the GOP are desperate to subvert the FBI and the DOJ.  But Trump has surrounded himself with clowns and sycophants, while Mueller has assembled a “dream-team” of super litigators.  To think that Trump has any kind of evil master-plan is increasingly absurd.  But it seems highly likely that the Mueller team knows exactly what it’s doing, knows exactly how to apply pressure and flip witnesses, and will bring the full force of the law against anyone who has committed a crime, including Trump.  It may not happen soon but we have good reason to believe it will happen as long as Mueller is able to continue his investigation.


One thought on “Day 377 – Dangerous Clown Posse

  1. This stems, in part, from Trump’s colossally arrogant attitude that he’s above it all, that he and his hand-picked experts can reinvent government and finally get it right, and that we all should just sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s shared by his cabinet members, the worst collection of obsequious and possibly mendacious mediocrities ever appointed to such high posts. From Acosta (Labor) to Zinke (Interior) they seem to think that regulations were concocted by crazed anti-business liberals bent on preventing their pals from making money or creating jobs. Problem is, the incompetence, conflicts of interest, and sheer destructiveness of this administration are already so widespread it will take years to undo. Please hurry up, Mr. Mueller — for starters. Can we impeach the entire administration?

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