Three important things happened yesterday.

1) The Trump Administration announced it would not impose the sanctions against Russia that Congress overwhelmingly approved last year.

2) FBI deputy director McCabe was pushed out of his job at least a month earlier than expected.

3) The Republican Majority of the House Intelligence Committee voted to release their partisan memo attacking the FBI and DOJ–an act the DOJ characterized as “extraordinarily reckless.”  (The Democratic Minority’s rebuttal memo has not yet been authorized for release.)

All three items are connected to the Russia investigation.  It has become disturbingly clear that the Trump campaign was lousy with Russian connections. Why? In fact, the Republican party also had a strikingly close connection with Russia during the Trump campaign.  The Russian Ambassador Kislyak was at the GOP presidential convention in 2016.  Why?  These questions loom larger every day.

Please stay focused on what happens at the FBI and DOJ.  Except for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Trump has fired EVERYONE with original oversight of the Russian Investigation–which is exactly what a guilty person would do to evade the law.  This is classic obstruction of justice, which is a crime.

It will be up to activists to scream bloody murder if either Rosenstein or investigator Mueller get fired.  The level of despair and hysteria from Trump and the GOP only makes sense if Trump has something big to hide, something criminal and impeachable.  The more Trump and the GOP try to destroy the FBI and DOJ to subvert justice, the closer we get to becoming a corrupt plutocracy, or a fledgling banana republic.

What the GOP leadership is doing right now is deeply unAmerican and unDemocratic.  They are going “all-in” with Trump and his possible crimes.  They care more about their legislative majority than the institutions at the core of our nation.  They care more about Russia than the American justice system.  They care more about holding power than preserving the rule of law.  And they don’t want us to know what the FBI has on Donald Trump.  What are they all hiding?  We demand to know, and we won’t let them get away with hiding it…

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