Trump’s first State Of The Union address is airing this Tuesday.  Many on social media are urging a boycott, and even some Democratic members of Congress have already announced that they won’t be attending.

I won’t be watching, not so much to join the boycott, but because watching Trump read words from a teleprompter (written by others) produces in me the revolting combination of nausea and rage.  That anyone believed such a sleazy, arrogant, graceless, ignorant, thin-skinned, vengeful, crass, insecure braggart continues to baffle me.  He embodies almost every single thing we DON’T want in a president…or a friend, neighbor or fellow citizen.

But I will watch the Democratic response by Rep Joe Kennedy, who has emerged as an extremely passionate and eloquent critic of the Trump train wreck.  Trump himself has no meaningful policy positions nor grasp on the details of any major issue facing our nation, but I already know the varieties of rubbish his speechwriters will feed him.  I don’t know how Rep Kennedy will respond, and our responses to Trump are becoming increasing important.  We have to confront Trump with a measured outrage befitting the increasing threat he poses to our democratic institutions and the office of the President.

I’m sure many people will tune into the SOTU address this week not out of support for Trump but out of sheer morbid curiosity.  Like rubberneckers at a car crash, they will tune in to see what vile or inappropriate of inflammatory thing comes gurgling out of Trump’s mouth this time.  Depriving Trump the applause and attention and eyeballs his bottomless ego craves is a wonderful idea in theory, but it’s a losing battle in today’s desperate-for-drama media landscape.  I’ll pass on his speech not to make a political statement, but because I can’t stomach him.

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