Cable news shows yesterday were full of speculation about the Mueller investigation.  AG Jeff Sessions was apparently interviewed by Mueller recently, and it’s rumored that Mueller wants to talk to Trump soon. Former US Attorney Preet Bharara said on one of the shows that the Mueller investigation might uncover something historic and earth-shattering OR it might just conclude that Trump & family did nothing rising to the level of a crime.

Meanwhile, billionaire liberal Tom Steyer keeps airing his “Impeach Trump” commercial pushing an impeachment petition that is now attempting to reach the five-million signature mark–an effort causing a small firestorm of debate all its own. Some say it hurts the liberal cause as we approach the midterms, while others say it is planting seeds in case the Mueller investigation finds something truly criminal.  It’s tempting to fantasize that Mueller will reveal something that gets Trump and other White House miscreants kicked out of office.  It’s a beautiful, comforting dream.  But it might not happen.

Because the stakes are so high, activists shouldn’t expect an easy fix to the Trump catastrophe.  We need to stick to our plan of taking back at least one chamber of Congress, and possibly both.  Only then can we be assured of keeping Trump and his corrupt cronies in check until 2020.  If we can avoid too much infighting and pettiness, our ultimate 2020 nominee should have a very good chance of beating Trump as long as the vote itself isn’t rigged by the Russians or the Koch Brothers. So our main challenge in the next ten months is to beat John Faso.  Hundreds of thousands of other activists across the country will be doing their best to reshape the political landscape–we have to make sure NY-19 does it’s part.  And if the Mueller probe happens to derail the Trump train before we reach our goal, so much the better.


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