If you’re horrified by Trump and his enablers in Congress, nothing could be more important than the upcoming 2018 midterm elections.  Our Congressional Rep John Faso has been a steadfast Trump supporter and was partly responsible for ensuring that state and local taxes are no longer deductible on our federal tax returns.  He also wants to repeal the ACA even if no viable alternative replaces it.  And he has yet to hold a real town hall in our district, which is cowardly and inexcusable.

If you want to help repeal and replace John Faso, pitch in and join NY19Votes, a local group whose mission is to register new voters and get people who wouldn’t ordinarily vote to commit to going to the polls.  They have done an incredible job over the past year, and their efforts are crucial if we want to derail the Trump train.

They are holding a “night of 1900 calls” this evening so please consider joining them and working to make a difference in the midterms–which are only 10 months away!

You can find more information on their Facebook event page:

NY19 Votes Phone Bank Event

And you can sign up on the Action Network web page here:

NY19-Votes Sign Up

Add your voice and energy.  The Resistance NEEDS YOU!!!

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