Yesterday’s massive Women’s March was a huge success.  Across the country, from large cities to small towns, hundreds of thousands of women took to the streets to protest a broad range of topics, from #MeToo issues of workplace harassment and sexual assault, to continuing gender disparities in pay, to the broader civic disaster of the scandalous and destructive Trump presidency.

In Washington DC the Lincoln Memorial was surrounded by a massive crowd of protesters, and in New York City the entire stretch of Central Park West from the Museum of Natural History to Columbus Circle was packed with marchers, many chanting against Trump as they passed the Trump International Hotel.

Closer to home, protests in Woodstock and Hudson were jammed with activists, many denouncing Congressman John Faso, a loyal Trump enabler, with signs like “Faso No More” and “Fire Faso”.  Of course, Trump featured prominently in protest signs like “Make America Think Again” and “Dump Trump”.   In Albany, a huge crowd of protesters also focused their ire on Trump, carrying signs like “Shithole President” and “Time’s Up”, while some also singled out Rep Faso and NY-20’s Elise Stafanik for criticism.

It has become clear that a year of non-stop Trump scandals, lies and chaos hasn’t drained the energy out of activists, who seem as committed as ever to replacing the historically unpopular president the first chance they get.  And it also seems clear that the effort to resist Trump is being lead by women.  They are organizing, turning out in droves to protest, and they are also turning up in record numbers to run for office.  Our nation will be much better for it–as long as we can survive Trump.

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