It’s been exactly one year since con-man Donald Trump was inaugurated President (even though it seems like ten).  His presidency has been a constant vortex of chaos, scandal, lies and conduct unbecoming a citizen, much less a “leader”.  The major news story breaking at the stroke of last midnight was the shutdown of the government, happening mainly because Trump promised to back to a spending bill negotiated by Senators Graham and Durban, but then went back on his promise.  So the “great negotiator” is celebrating his anniversary with a shameful shutdown caused by his own mismanagement and duplicity.  All Trump seems actually good at is destroying everything he touches.

Also celebrating his anniversary will be hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens at Women’s Marches around the country today.  Perhaps the only silver lining to the foul cloud of Trump is the resistance his repulsive election has spawned.  Local activists in NY-19 have spent every Friday for the past year outside the offices of Republican Congressman John Faso protesting both his support of Trump and his votes on legislation that were bad for the district.  And many of those same activists will join thousands more today to march for Women and let Trump and the GOP know that we will not allow their mean-spirited party to turn the clock back on decades of liberal progress just so their billionaire funders can get more tax breaks.

The coming year will bring many challenges for activists, and likely many more scandals and gut-wrenching setbacks from Team Trump.  But we will have our first real chance to strike a blow to the retrogressive, racist, sexist, xenophobic Republican party this November when the midterm elections occur.  So get out there and march. And then get out there and help register more voters. And then get out there and help get out the vote.  And then get out there and vote.  It’s the only way we can end the Trump nightmare and start to address the serious problems and challenges facing our nation.  If last year’s local election successes are any indication, we are moving in the right direction.  So let’s keep moving…

(To see more info on today’s marches, see yesterdays blog post, day 364).

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