The midterm elections are only 10 months away and the Resistance is working hard to replace John Faso with someone who represents ALL the people of NY-19.

THE BAD NEWS: An email recently circulated in our district from an anonymous and dubiously named “Concerned Dem” titled “the truth about some NY19 candidates”, cataloging typical opposition research on the top-three 2017 fundraising candidates of NY-19: Delgado, Flynn, & Ryan. It’s hard to know if the “research” was credible, much less relevant.  And we don’t know if it came from an actual concerned Democrat, a GOP operative trying to stir up division, or a Russian troll farm trying–yet again–to sew acrimony and mess with our election.  The email has already been widely denounced by an array of political operatives, Indivisible leaders, and many of the candidates.

THE GOOD NEWS: Our district has six fantastic congressional candidates.  Each has much to offer and, as anyone who has been to a candidate forum will tell you, each seems willing to answer any question put to them.  Most have deep ties to the area, and though several moved away to work or study, all of them are more local than Long Island native John Faso, a political opportunist and lobbyist tainted by pay-to-play scandals.  If the GOP wants to play the carpetbagger card again this cycle, we say “bring it on.” Either way, any of the six contenders would serve our district vastly better than John Faso, whose only allegiance is to the wealthy oligarchs who paid his salary as a lobbyist, funded his campaign, and will employ him again when he is kicked to the curb by voters.

OUR 2018 MIDTERMS: The recent “research” email brings to mind a chant often heard at protests throughout the last year: He will not divide us. We cannot let trolls, or outside agitators, or our own sense of moral purity divide us.  The stakes are too high. If we demand our candidates be perfect, we will lose, because when it comes to holding power and governing, the perfect is always the enemy of the good.  If we demand that our candidates be all-knowing and unassailable and unblemished, we will lose.  The challenge is to come together and rally around a candidate that may not be your first choice, because again, the stakes are too high to sit on the sidelines and sulk if our first choice doesn’t win the primary.

MORE GOOD NEWS:  In the era of Trump (and Moore and Arpaio) the GOP clearly doesn’t expect much from their candidates, and they can no longer have any claim to principles or virtues or ethics after supporting the most corrupt President in generations, so it won’t be difficult to offer Democratic candidates who greatly outshine opponents who backed the GOP “standard bearer” in the White House.  Stay focused on the strengths and policy positions of our six fantastic contenders, and as the midterms approach be VERY WARY of any communication that attempts to tear down or pollute our primary process. When you encounter one, remind yourself: They will not divide us.

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