The single most important thing activists can do is get voters to the polls.  Increasing voter turnout has the most direct and profound impact on our communities and nation.  Hence, the only way to derail the Trump Train and begin again to make progress as a nation is to vote out Trump enablers and vote in lawmakers who embrace our values.

To that end, a very significant organization in NY-19 is holding a webinar THIS EVENING at 7pm on how to phone-bank from home.  Phone banking is crucial and can help get out the vote as an election approaches.  NY19Votes has already done heroic work in our district, so if you want to get involved and help the resistance, please participate in their webinar.  Here is a link:

NY19Votes PhoneBanking Webinar Signup

ALSO, last year’s historic Women’s March is happening again this year, on Saturday January 20th.  Large protests are happening in DC, NYC and Albany, but important local protests are also planned for our area, including in Hudson and Woodstock.

Women’s March Hudson Info

Women’s March Woodstock Info

The best antidote to the Trump infection is activism and involvement.  He is the disease.  We are the cure.

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