On a day when we should be celebrating the extraordinary legacy of Martin Luther King, we are instead having a national conversation about whether our inept excuse for a “President” is a racist or just a guy who says racist things but isn’t really a racist.  Let’s face it, most any news story that isn’t a five-alarm catastrophe gets sucked into oblivion by the black hole of crisis surrounding Trump.  Whether it’s his petty, ridiculous Tweets or the latest departure from his administration or another indictment or another badly bungled meeting or another profoundly offensive statement, Trump is a non-stop engine of dysfunction and incompetence.  But that was the point.

After years of feeling deeply ashamed by their racism, bigotry and misogyny, older white voters decided that the thing they cared about most was not their country nor their government nor their fellow citizens nor civility nor legislative policy.  All they cared about was angering liberals.  The “elite” people responsible for forcing all that equality and fairness on them–and making them feel bad when they refused–needed to feel an equal measure of anger.  So they elected a man whose personality, character and essence were a 24/7 affront to the “elite”.  And by elite they meant anyone with compassion, an education, a sense of decency and tact, an awareness of nations and peoples outside the USA, and an appreciation for logic, common sense, facts, evidence and science.

Trump is a troll.  His mode of operation has always been to troll his enemies.  He used to do it by whispering salacious stories to his pals at the National Enquirer and Page Six.  But then Twitter appeared as if designed specifically for Trump.  No more middle man.  Trump could spread his “I don’t know, people are sayin'” BS directly to the public unfiltered.

It’s critical to denounce Trump for his transgressions, whether he’s making blatantly racist statements or dodging questions about extra-marital affairs with porn stars and centerfolds.  But from now until 2020 we need to stay focused honing and articulating the vision we have for our nation, and not just running on a platform of Never Trump.  The best way to diminish and defeat President Trump is to give his provocations as little attention as possible, which will be extremely difficult for the mainstream press unless we harass them to cover policy rather than personality.  After all, in order to debilitate bullies the accepted wisdom on Twitter has become: “Don’t feed the trolls.”

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