This past week has been a non-stop deluge of grotesque, embarrassing, mortifying and angering stories from the White House and Capitol Hill.  If you’re feeling frustrated, fearful and/or powerless, the best remedy is to get involved or stay involved in the Resistance movement.  As expected, the holidays were light on protest actions and calendar items, but 2018 is heating up and the calendar is beginning to fill with any number of opportunities for action and empowerment. Check out the Indivisible NY 19 website calendar for a sampling:

Indivisible NY 19 Calendar Link

Whether it’s local organizing (local Democratic committees, local Indivisible groups, local chapters of larger advocacy groups like Citizen Action, Move Forward NY, Planned Parenthood, ACLU, etc.) or local versions of national events (The Women’s March, DACA protests, etc.) or national events themselves (in NYC, DC, etc.), the Resistance needs you now more than ever.

The 2018 elections are only TEN MONTHS away.  We have to convince the doubtful that their votes matter.  We have to make sure that our voters get to the polls.  We have to make sure those in power feel the pressure of our concern and convictions.  And we have to show those in power that if they work for the oligarchy, or the corrupt Trump agenda, their days are numbered.

If you’re already working hard to achieve these objectives, we applaud you and urge you to pace yourselves and not allow the catastrophe in the White House to dissuade you from continued action.  If you’re on the sidelines, please join us. We need you.  Your input and energy and concern are important.  And as the old saying goes, “Many hands make much work light.”

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