At a meeting yesterday with Senators on the topic of immigration, President Trump wondered out loud to the room, “why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

WaPo – Trump derides protections for immigrants from “shithole” countries

The comment unleashed a firestorm of criticism, and rightly so.  It was nothing more than blatant racism, wholly unbecoming the office of the President and totally beneath the dignity of our nation’s values and history.  But this is who Donald Trump is, and who he has always been.  Trump is a failed businessman and an incompetent President, but he is adept at constantly lowering the bar, constantly finding previously unimagined lows for the Presidency to sink–and our national dignity with him.  Donald Trump embodies the exact opposite of almost every virtue and trait we admire in a President and a leader.

He will continue to horrify decent Americans (and observers around the world), and his administration will continue to destroy hard-fought laws and protections and agencies.  But we must continue to be properly outraged and vocal, no matter how exhausting.  We must continue to steadfastly and peacefully resist Trump’s disgusting character and the malignant priorities of his corrupt administration in any way we can.

We must also make clear to our friends and neighbors that we know Trump is abnormal and unfit for office, and that we are never going to rest until he is no longer in office.  And unless someone steps in and somehow stops Trump from Tweeting or speaking off the cuff to groups of people, he will will help us by continuing to be his awful self, exposing to all but the most hardened deniers the incompetence and racism and vanity and ignorance and pettiness at the core of his character.

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