Yesterday was a bad day for former Trump adviser Steve Bannon.  His SIRIUS XM radio show was cancelled and he “stepped down” from Breitbart news, his media platform.  Breitbart, notorious for appealing to and tolerating misogyny and extreme nationalist views including Nazism and white supremacy, is co-owned and funded by the billionaire Mercer family, the same people who bankroll NY-19’s Congressional Rep John Faso and the noxious Reclaim NY, a stealth project trying to bankrupt local municipalities with frivolous FOIA requests.

Let’s take a step back and remember not just what got Bannon fired, but what DIDN’T get Bannon fired:

  • Loudly supporting accused child molester and sanctimonious Christian fundamentalist Roy Moore (who lost an Alabama Senate seat to a Democrat for the first time in twenty years) didn’t get Bannon fired.
  • Approving countless articles in Breitbart with nauseating anti-Semitic drivel, race baiting and misogyny–never got fired.
  • Telling the disgusting truth about the corrupt Trump White House–got fired.

The Mercer family doesn’t live in NY-19 but they are so wealthy that they can bankroll any number of Congresspeople across the country, essentially buying our Democracy to get laws passed that protect their vast wealth and increase their bank account.  Their funding of Bannon (in many jobs beyond just Breitbart) and his subsequent firing tells us that they will tolerate all manner of vile views and ugly behavior, but they won’t tolerate anyone getting in the way of their political power.  In other words, their only principle is greed and Trump has become the instrument of their greed.  To paraphrase Frank Herbert, “The spice must flow!” And Bannon threatened the flow so he was discarded.

This should be a lesson to us when it comes to their support of Faso.  We should expect vile ads, smears, lies and underhanded tactics because they don’t care about our district, they don’t care about the morality of the candidate they support, they don’t care about decency or justice.  They only care about winning.  So we need to make sure Faso becomes a loser.

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