Dear Republicans,

Last nights’ WSJ article by Gerald Seib states that US officials (Trump admin) are mulling the possibility of a limited strike against North Korea that they hope would not trigger a nuclear response but would give North Korea a “bloody nose”.  Here’s an overview:

Axios – The Trump admin’s “bloody nose” strategy to strike North Korea

Playing Russian-roulette with the lives of 51 million South Koreans–not to mention our own citizens–is irresponsible and indefensible.  Sure, it may just be Trump “blustering” but it may not.  Threats and fearmongering lead to unintended consequences, most of them bad.  They are, at the very least, destabilizing, which is the opposite of what we expect of our leadership.

Let’s be clear. A foolish strike born of juvenile posturing and impatience, unimpeded by Republicans in Congress, would be a historic and tragic disgrace.  Any such strike would be, in any reasonable sense, an act of war, which Congress MUST approve beforehand. We, the people, demand reasonable diplomacy and patience, and we are not going to be silent when faced with the possibility of another unnecessary war.

Do your job.  Oversee the executive branch.  Demand stability from a profoundly unstable President.  Otherwise, step aside and let people who care about this country take charge, before you go down in history as villains.


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