The fallout from Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” continues to roil Washington.  EJ Dionne of the Washington Post tweets:

“…as Trump’s dangerous deficiencies become clearer to an ever larger number of Americans, Republican politicians are hugging him ever more tightly.”

Our challenge will be to press the GOP to allow the Mueller investigation to proceed without interference while at the same time pressing our Senators and the feckless No Show Faso to address critical issues that have lately been overshadowed by the media storm swirling around President Fredo.

At the moment, the three most important issues are a renewal of the CHIP program, a bi-partisan bill that would restore and protect Net Neutrality, and a clean Dream Act (which should not be held hostage to Trump’s border wall fantasy).

In terms of protests and actions, the holidays have been relatively quiet in NY-19.  But the calendar is heating up in the weeks ahead. 2018 will require energy and commitment in order to replace Faso and not allow Trump and the GOP to damage our democracy any further than they already have.  Political change is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, so let’s pace ourselves…

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