In the wake of the explosive book “Fire and Fury”, by Michael Wolff, and the NYT revelation that the FBI’s Russia investigation started not with the Steele dossier, but earlier, Team Trump and the GOP are beginning to freak out.

Trump, who usually goes to bed early in the evening, was calling Michael Wolff a loser on Twitter last night at 11:30pm. And Senators Grassley and Graham were calling for a criminal investigation of the author of the Steele dossier–itself an abuse of power and obstruction of justice–to try to tarnish the FBI and Justice Department, attacking the messenger rather than the potentially disastrous collusion the messenger pointed out.

The more furious the denials, obstructions, distractions and counter-charges become, the more Trump and the entire GOP leadership look like they are hiding something big.  Theirs are the actions of guilty people trying to derail and declaw law enforcement before it can bust them.  It is, quite simply, an outrage, and will go down in history as a profound and shameful betrayal of our nation.

The GOP seem determined to lash their party to the sinking Trump garbage barge, perhaps because they took Russian money at the GOP convention, or because they are so drunk with power that they will not turn on Trump under any circumstance.  Either way, we have to give this disgusting and nearly treasonous effort the attention and determined push-back it deserves.

If even a fraction of the recent disclosures had occurred in the ’70s, the GOP would have retreated in shame and joined Democrats in denouncing the President, his campaign staff, the Attorney General, and anyone else actively working to discredit the FBI and Justice Department.  They would have seen it as a dangerous assault on our democratic institutions and the rule of law, intolerable and possibly criminal. Because that is exactly what it is.

Instead, the Steele-dossier attacks and Clinton Foundation investigations and Russia-uranium stories are noise and BS intended to keep us from focusing on the now-established fact that 1) members of the Trump team sought to collude with Russia and 2) Trump has never said a bad word about Putin, never given credence to the IC reports of Russian interference in our elections, and never implemented Congressional sanctions on Russia.  Which begs the question. What is the actual fire producing all the smoke?  Was Trump & family laundering money for Russian oligarchs, and is Putin holding that over his head?  Did Russia loan money to keep Trump afloat, and now owns him?  It’s the most important political question in a generation, and we can’t let the corrupt, unAmerican GOP keep us from getting the crucial answers.

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