Mr. President,

Being president sure is a thankless job. But that’s the point. It’s a job. So there’s no reason to have a snit when people don’t go out of their way to thank you for doing it. Unsurprisingly, you got your tighty whiteys in a bunch after receiving less praise than you felt was warranted for aiding in the release of three UCLA basketball players held in China under allegations of shoplifting. You recently tweeted that one of the players’ parents was “unaccepting [sic unappreciative?] of what I did for his son.” Your thumbs went on to say “I should have left them in jail!” While a heartfelt thank you is always a nice bonus for going above and beyond the call of duty, brokering agreements for the freedom of Americans is not just a little something extra you do on your day off. It’s actually one of your many responsibilities as president. You don’t just get to do what you want. You have official duties you are obligated to carry out, whether or not you are thanked afterward.

Read more here.

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