Mr. President,

I am thinking of sending you a present- a book. I realize you do not like to read, but this is a book of photographs. The photographs are of your predecessor, Barak Obama, taken by Pete Souza, the official White House photographer.  It is being bought by many Americans who want to remember and cherish those moments in the eight years of Obama’s presidency during which we had a sane, competent adult in the Oval Office. One who could take criticism without becoming unhinged, who understood the dangers presented by climate change and who enthusiastically backed the Paris Accords unlike your withdrawal from them, who ran on hope rather than fear, who represented to the world a leader of tolerance and compassion, of equality and justice rather than one who hobnobs with white supremacists like Steve Bannon. One who possessed grace and humor, who was able to laugh at himself as well as openly cry with us when yet another gun massacre took place.

Read more here.

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