Many Hearts Were Broken
Sat, 03/18/2017 – 16:44 — Ibfieriq

I always post this today. I wrote this not long after 9/11 while trying to understand it all:

Many Hearts Were Broken

Many hearts were broken,
Many tears were shed,
No words can be spoken,
To bring back our dead.

Immediate family,
spouse, lover or friend,
acquaintance or stranger,
We all lost in the end.

Let us never forget them,
Their laughter, their love,
They never expected
The terror from above.

The were living their lives,
performing their tasks,
Why them, why now,
we all have to ask.

There are no answers
this riddle can’t be solved
When madmen have power
and terrorism is involved.

We must never give up,
We can’t let them win
We will fight to the death,
This can’t happen again.

War causes pain,
and so much sorrow,
We must fight this war
for a better tomorrow.

Whatever may happen,
Whatever may come
We must stand together
We must act as one.

Our hearts may be heavy
Death knocks at our door,
We do everything possible
to get up from the floor.

We dust off our boots
and strike up the band
We will survive
if United We Stand.


We’re Still Standing

~ Hannah Schoechert, 7th grade student (9-11 poem)

Those twin towers
Standing tall with pride,
Fell with grieving hearts.
Stunned, America cried.

But we’re still standing.

Bin Laden tried
To crush our land,
But we stood our ground
With our flag in hand.

And we’re still standing.

Red for valor
And the blood that fell.
White for purity
Our heroes tell.
Blue for the justice
That will be done,
Proving once more
These colors don’t run.

And we’re still standing.


One month following the attack of 9-11, eleven year old Aaron Walsh wrote the following poem in his school notebook, trying to make sense of this horrible thing that had happened:

I Hold in My Hands

~ Aaron Walsh, 2001
The dust.
The dust and wreckage of the towers.
Even though I wasn’t there,
I can still feel it.
It has damaged my hands with dirt.
It has damaged my heart with sorrow.
It has damaged my body with fear,
and it has damaged my life with war.I hold in my hands …
My life.
My life could soon be filled with war,
cruelty at its worst.
Miles away, I can hear the planes’ roaring engines, gliding through the air.I hold in my hands …
My future.
My life ahead.
Whether it will be filled with war or peace, we will not know.
My future keeps me going from dawn to dusk.I hold in my hands …
Hope for the future.
Hope for peace.
Hope for my country’s freedom.
And hope for America to win this war on terrorism.

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